The Jawbone owners, Amber and Cassidy Coburn

When sisters Amber and Cassidy Coburn opened The Jawbone, their vision was to create a dining experience rather than just a restaurant. Coming up on 100 years from the passing of prohibition, a 1920s themed speakeasy bar and restaurant seemed like the perfect fit. Their speakeasy-style cocktail lounge and tapas restaurant specializes in craft beer and one-of-a-kind cocktails. Like the speakeasies of the early 1900s, The Jawbone offers an unexpected bar and tasty bites for locals and travelers in rural Montana. 
In addition to creating something unique and memorable, Amber and Cassidy wanted to add another amenity in order to entice people to come visit and stay longer in White Sulphur Springs in addition to adding to the community and the expanding downtown in White Sulphur Springs.
Not surprisingly, the most popular drink is the speakeasy, made with gin, creme de violette, Cointreau, lemon, simple syrup and soda. The Jawbone was recently featured in the Great Falls Tribune, read the full story here.
Stay tuned on upcoming specialty cocktails and events at The Jawbone!
Article written by Anna Strange Consulting for the Montana Business Assistance Connection.